Projects supported by Yokosuka x Smart Mobility challenge

Yokosuka x Smart Mobility Challenge has been supporting various projects related mobility.
Service to assist tourism using drone delivery by Rakuten
Delivery service using UGV(unmanned ground vehicle) by Rakuten

Yokosuka MaaS assisting moving and touring by ANA, KEIKYU, Yokosuka city
Universal MaaS

The concept,”Universal MaaS”,was generated from
voluntary proposal of ANA group members.
The aim of Universal MaaS to create a society where
people having difficulties in waking can move easily
through industry-academia collaboration.

Imp lement image

Regarding transfer from Haneda airp
to destination in Yokosuka city,ANA,
KEIKYU and Yokosuka city can provid
the testing field.

Adviser : YOKOHAMA National University
They are specialized in traffic engineering